NetOps was founded in 2007 and designed from the ground up to provide managed services to businesses in many verticals.  Drawing upon its expertise in IT services and management, NetOps developed a range of technical services and process solutions to bolster its service offering. Today, NetOps supports our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, mission critical projects and ongoing business requirements.

Why choose NetOps?


NetOps is a respected leader in the community and industry. This is proven by our long standing clients with an excellent 98% retention rate.


With an extensive interviewing and hiring process, we look for and hire the best engineers with diverse backgrounds. In addition we invest heavily in our employees by providing customer service training and continued education opportunities on a regular basis to stay current with the latest technologies and innovations.


We take into account your business and goals to help design, implement and support innovative solutions that support those goals.


NetOps is a privately owned and debt free company that continues to maintain and grow its position as an industry-leading managed services firm.


We are not a reseller of Hardware, Software, or Licensing – From our inception NetOps has made the conscious decision to not sell or resell any products other than our IT expertise. This approach allows for an unbiased and impartial selection of the appropriate technologies based solely on our clients technical and business needs. We are not incentivized to recommend one solution over another and therefore we are VENDOR NEUTRAL.


NetOps has designed, implemented and continues to support entire infrastructure deployments in the following verticals; Insurance, Banking, Education, Medical, Manufacturing, Accounting, Aerospace, Legal, Services, Government and Retail. This has uniquely positioned NetOps to leverage the most current technologies across multiple verticals. This is accomplished by an intimate understanding of how the technology works and how it can be leveraged to meet each of our client’s specific goals and requirements.


NetOps adheres to a proactive service model, not reactive.  With our 24/7/365 Monitoring & Alerting we have a proven method to address issues before they significantly impact the business.