At NetOps we do not resell hardware, software, or licensing. This allows us to select the appropriate technologies based on our customer’s business needs, and not which solution is the most profitable for us.  We extend our services at a fixed monthly cost aligning our profitability with the efficiency and integrity of your IT infrastructure. This unique combination differentiates us from other providers and creates a Strategic Partnership with our customers.

NetOps Managed Services allows businesses to offload IT operations enabling them to focus on business goals while we deal with the challenges of an optimized IT environment to support these goals. Because of NetOps unique structure we are able to customize consulting and support services for each client specifically.  When you partner with NetOps, you can simply call our Technical Support Services with any IT related issue and we’ll take it from the there.

NetOps is your one-stop strategic partner to manage your entire IT infrastructure including servers, network, desktops, and applications.


We take the time to document and understand the technologies you use to run your business. Our staff is then trained on your specific technology stack improving service delivery and resolution times.

Application and Solution Management

Our management team will work with your stakeholders in the development and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. This includes IT policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements enabling your organization to manage the IT Asset Portfolio with respect to risk, cost, control, IT Governance, compliance, and business performance objectives. We work with all departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets.

NetOps established Change Management processes will minimize the frequency and impact changes will have in the organization with respect to the installation and reallocation of company assets.

Monitoring and Alerting

NetOps 24/7/365 Monitoring and Alerting is customized to your specific environment and provides us the ability to proactively address potential performance issues and react swiftly if a failure does occur. We work with you to establish your acceptable thresholds and performance standards to develop internal procedures to achieve them.

Vendor Management

No more sitting on hold or arguing with Vendors.  With NetOps Vendor Management you only have one call to make, to our support desk. We take ownership of the support request and will work with your vendors to resolution. This frees up your time and provides you a single point of accountability.

Account Management/Stewardship Meetings

Your Stewardship team will bridge the gap between your business needs and the technologies you will employ to achieve them. We will work with you to establish ongoing stewardship meetings to identify, prioritize, and manage projects and IT initiatives outside of the everyday help desk process.

Your NetOps team has decades of real world experience and takes a collaborative approach across all seven layers of technology. You will have an entire team of qualified engineers eliminating gaps in service due to employee sick days, PTO, vacations, expertise, and capacity.

Technical Support Services

Our Professional Services Automation tool and proprietary processes deliver an enterprise class support solution. Every support request that comes in to the desk is documented and worked through layered support tiers to not just correct, but to determine the root cause for the disruption. Not only are there multiple ways to initiate a support ticket, NETOPS customers have real-time visibility and access to their support requests allowing them to open and close tickets, check statuses, work in progress, and resolutions. Over time NETOPS is able to use this Knowledge Base to resolve tickets swiftly and proactively identify and address systemic issues in the environment eliminating problems before they arise.