NetOps Technology Assessment Services Overview

Our qualified consultants will complete an extensive process of diagnosis and discovery to understand and address your IT needs. Unlike many of our competitors, we do more than count your PC’s and servers and see if your anti-virus software is up-to-date. We get to know your business. Our team of expert engineers come ON-SITE to your facilities, personally interview your technology stakeholders, take a deep dive into your infrastructure, and use a combination of innovative thinking and high powered technology to identify your environment’s current status and make actionable recommendations to meet your business goals.

NetOps offers a variety of robust assessments to help you achieve your IT goals. We can also customize any of our assessment to meet your exact needs and objectives. All of our assessments will provide immediate value to your organization in the following areas:

  • Identification of Business needs & potential problems or risks impacting your business
  • Health Check & Documentation of Current Environment
  • Comparison of your environment to Industry Best Practices
  • Actionable recommendations for identified areas of risk
  • A roadmap to remediate and modernize your IT infrastructure

Available Assessments:

The Technology Assessment Report Will Include Our Analysis Of:

  • IT Management and Key Stakeholders Interviews: Identify current organizational and departmental, structure/goals/objectives in regard to technology initiatives.
  • Your Organization’s Existing Resources: Including but not limited to; Strategic Plans, Computer Replacement Plan, IT Budget, IT Security and Operational Policy’s
  • Identity and access management: How your organization manages identity access to their servers, applications, and services and provision and de-provision users.
  • Desktop, server, and device management: How your IT departments manages hardware and software, including mobile devices.
  • Security and networking: What has been put in place to help protect your networks and users from potential threats or inappropriate content.
  • Data protection and recovery: What tools are in use to help ensure that data is protected and can be easily recovered.
  • IT and security processes: What processes are in place for managing IT as a whole, as well as what processes are used to provide a highly secure IT environment.

The FTA will get you the information you need to:

  • Identify your business’ needs & potential problems or risks impacting your business
  • Evaluate the current health of your IT environment
  • Document your IT environment
  • Compare your IT practices against Industry Best Practices
  • Take actions to mitigate identified areas of risk
  • Build a roadmap to remediate and modernize your IT infrastructure

Application and Infrastructure Assessment (AIA)

Most organizations have built their infrastructure over time and most infrastructures are multi-tired, multi-vendor, highly complex environments. The single biggest mistake stakeholders make when planning a datacenter move is to establish budgets and timelines without actually knowing what is in the datacenter. Infrastructure documentation and a deep understanding the interdependencies between Applications, Systems, and Networks is the first and most critical part in developing a datacenter migration, or cloud migration plan.

We can help, NetOps engineers will create a series of documents or “Profiles” that accurately depict your current IT footprint and interdependencies. These profiles provide the detail you need to make informed decisions about migrations that are initiated as part of IT cost reduction efforts, regulatory requirements, business risk mitigation projects, or future state design and cloud migration strategies.

The AIA Gets the information you need to:

  • Identify interdependencies between business applications and resources
  • Plan a Migration to a new data center or Cloud platform
  • Identify stakeholder requirements for Application RTO and RPO
  • Identify workload resource and performance needs (baseline and peak usage)
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks from single points of failure or resource limitations

While the business reasons for moving to the cloud may be clear, determining whether your infrastructure is “cloud ready” can be complicated.  Our professional services team is ready to help you develop your cloud strategy.

The AIA Gets the information you need to:

  • Identify and mitigate current areas of risk to include current issues in the environment or End of Life or compatibility issues, so you don’t take your current problems to the cloud with you
  • Right size your cloud environment for your specific computing needs, so you pay for only what you need while still maintaining optimal performance
  • Ensure that your data is protected and meets your business continuity objectives
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of the appropriate cloud solution and it’s capabilities (security, performance, scalability, and agility)
  • Capture your future state needs, select the appropriate technologies, minimize risk and remediate knows issues before you migrate, so you can migrate to the cloud with confidence